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Kevin McCarthy’s Thanksgiving Week Turns Bad… Really Bad



Kevin McCarthy

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s odds of attaining the House speakership are getting tougher by the minute. The California Republican, who has promised to remove prominent Democrats from committee assignments and to make the investigation of the Biden family the centerpiece of the next Congress and got hit with more bad news just in time for Thanksgiving.

According to Politico, another House Freedom Caucus member has announced he would not vote for McCarthy for speaker next term, threatening to completely derail McCarthy’s bid.

The congressman, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) told the news outlet in an interview on Tuesday that he will be another “hard NO vote” against the California Republican, dismissing that he will either vote present or not attend the speakership vote early next year.

Norman said he primarily took issue with McCarthy’s plans to fix the national debt. During a conference meeting last week during the nomination of the speaker, Norman said he asked McCarthy if he agreed to the Republican Study Committee’s seven-year plan for addressing the budget. And according to Norman, McCarthy replied “no.” For him, that was it, he said.

Asked if McCarthy could persuade him to change his mind if the Californian approached him in the coming days about plans that Norman would support to address the national debt, the South Carolina Republican replied: “It’s too late right now.”

The other GOP lawmakers opposing McCarthy include Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Matt Rosendale of Montana, and Bob Good of Virginia.

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