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Schiff Uses Footage Of McCain To Bring Down The House On Republicans At Impeachment Trial: Watch



House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) quoted the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Friday during the impeachment trial while discussing concerns about Russian aggression toward Ukraine.

“One American, a war hero and statesman who is no stranger to this body, recognized the threat posed by Russia in Crimea was Sen. John McCain,” Schiff said.

“Sen. McCain advised, this is a chess match reminiscent of the Cold War and we need to realize that and act accordingly. He was, of course, absolutely right,” he continued.

Schiff then showed a clip of an interview McCain did with Bloomberg News in 2014, where he discussed how Russian President Vladimir Putin would be threatened by an economically vibrant Ukraine.

“Putin sees, here’s this beautiful and large and magnificent country called Ukraine, and suppose Ukraine, finally after failing in 2004, gets it right, democracy. Gets rid of corruption, the economy’s really improving, and it’s right there on the border of Russia,” McCain told Bloomberg at the time.

“And so I think it makes him very nervous if there was a success in Ukraine in bringing about a free and open society and economic success, which is not the case in Russia,” he added.

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