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Ron Johnson Nailed By CNN Host For Lying About Capitol Siege



Ron Johnson lies about capitol attack

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson has been trying hard to downplay the Trump-fueled attack on Capitol Hill by a mob of MAGA insurrectionists on January 6th. Johnson told a crowd of voters that he wasn’t concerned during the violent takeover of the Capitol and that the insurrectionists never came over to the U.S. Senate to attack, they only attacked the House. But he was called out by CNN’s Ana Cabrera.

“What a selective memory to have,'” Cabrera said, calling it “a bit of revisionist history.” She then proceeded to fact-check everything Johnson said with photos and videos of what actually happened on Jan. 6.

It was just last month that Johnson told a radio host that “it didn’t seem like an armed insurrection” and that Trump supporters wouldn’t bring weapons to the Capitol. Not only were guns confiscated by police, but there were also weapons charges in indictments proved by photos and videos.

In Johnson’s interview with Joe Pags, the Wisconsin Republican admitted that he “might get in trouble” for saying it but that if Black Lives Matter was there, he would have been scared.

GOP strategist Ana Navarro explained that Johnson has to come up with crazy conspiracies because it’s the only way he can justify his “stupid votes.”

See the video below: