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Right-Wing Protesters Demand Kentucky Gov. ‘Come Out’ Then Hang Him In Effigy Outside His House



Right-wing protesters took their “Patriot Day and 2nd Amendment Rally” to the Kentucky state capitol on Sunday and ended the event with the effigy of the governor hanging from a noose in a tree, according to Courier-Journal photographer Matt Stone, who snapped a picture of the event and later shared it on Twitter.

Another reporter from the Courier-Journal, Sarah Ladd captured on video the moment that the protesters decided to march from the state capitol to the governor’s residence where they could demand Beshear to come outside. Then they hung him in effigy.

“As the armed protesters stood outside Governor Beshear’s house chanting at him to come outside, his children were apparently also in the house,” reported Matt Jones of KY Sports Radio.

At one point, Ladd reported that Louisville evangelist Pharaoh Nuahzee told the crowd that coronavirus had revealed the enemies of God, though he didn’t elaborate on who they are or how they were revealed.