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Republicans Say They Deserve All The Credit For Helping Americans During Pandemic As They Fear Losing Elections



Republicans are now reportedly worried that they won’t get credit for the coronavirus relief package and it could affect election results in November.

According to The Washington Post, GOP senators are complaining that they haven’t received the credit they deserve for the “incredibly popular” stimulus package that sent Americans $1,200.

A top GOP Senate campaign official griped during a private conference call Wednesday that senators facing re-election had a “problem” if voters did not credit them for the help.

“What our members have done is incredibly popular,” said Kevin McLaughlin, executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “The problem and the room to improve is, is not a lot of voters associate it with the members of Congress. They’re seeing their governors out on TV every day, for obvious reasons, and so they’re giving a lot more credit to their governors.”

A person on the call told the Post that McLaughlin said that perception would not change until the economy reopened.

“It certainly is going to be really, really tough if we don’t, you know, start to kind of, at least on some level, get some of these places open and get people back to work,” McLaughlin said. “That’s going to be important when the time is right.”

Polls aren’t looking good for Republicans. Many polls show Democratic candidates leading Republican in key states.

But McLaughlin is urging GOP candidates to take all the credit for the aid packages Congress created.

“The numbers are good for our folks, but they are not as great as they are for the governors,” said McLaughlin. “So it’s important for our candidates to be out there beating their own chest and subtly and respectfully reminding people what the United States Senate did, and Congress did, to help out Americans through this tough time.”

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