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Republicans Agonizing As They Try To Dump Trump Over Corporate Donations Halt



Since Donald Trump became president, Republicans have lost the House, Senate and White House… and corporate donations. Now, they find themselves in a bind as they scramble to distance themselves from the disgraced president.

Trump, who has passionate support from a large chunk of the party but has become completely toxic in the eyes of more traditional Republicans who are urging the party to cut ties completely with Trump over his role in the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol last week as corporations halt donations, The Hill reports.

“Trump and his brand can have no future in GOP politics if the party is to survive given his increasingly toxic image with women, suburban voters, moderates and independents,” the news outlet noted, citing Republican sources.

However, Trump maintains undying loyalty from Republican voters, and he would be the overwhelming favorite to win the GOP presidential primary if it were held today.

As noted by The Hill, Trump just won “the second-most popular votes in a presidential election in U.S. history, with Republicans gaining seats in the House.”

It’s another reason why Trump remains more popular in the lower chamber of Congress than in the Senate, where many Republicans blame him for costing the GOP majority when it lost two Georgia Senate runoff races earlier this month.

Few Republicans are disputing Trump’s power within the GOP, but many still seem to hope he’ll disappear to contain fallout as donors distance themselves from the party.

Senate Republicans will have the chance to cast Trump out of the party should they vote with Democrats to convict the president in his upcoming impeachment trial. A conviction would require at least 17 GOP votes and could lead to a separate vote to bar him from holding office ever again.