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Trump Hurls Expletive-Filled Rage At His Aides After Being Compared To Richard Nixon



President Donald Trump is spending the final days of his presidency wandering alone in a mostly empty White House, consumed with rage and lashing out at everyone around him. In his latest tantrum, Trump exploded at his aides for being compared to former President Richard Nixon.

Citing people around the president, CNN reported that Trump erupted into an expletive-filled rant over the comparison, telling his advisers to never bring up Nixon again. On mentions of Trump resigning, Trump reportedly told people that he couldn’t count on Vice President Pence to pardon him like Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon.

Nixon resigned in 1974 after the House Judiciary Committee began impeachment proceedings over his refusal to hand over taped calls that prosecutors said connected him to the 1972 break-in of the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters. After assuming office, President Ford pardoned Nixon.

The news network also noted that Trump has grown more and more worried about what legal or financial calamities may await him when he is no longer president. Fueled by warnings from lawyers and advisers, is weighing pardons, including for himself and his family, as he attempts to muster a legal team for another impeachment trial. And he is angry with Republicans who he feels abandoned him, including the GOP leaders of the House and Senate.