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Republicans Feel Defeat Is Coming: ‘Trump Is Losing And The Senate Is Leaning Towards Democrats’



NPR spoke with Republican strategists about the upcoming election and asked how they see the election going. Many of them didn’t appear too optimistic about the chances of Republicans holding control of the Senate.

“Right now Trump is losing and the Senate is leaning towards Democrats,” said one GOP strategist.

“Of the 10 most competitive Senate races, Republicans have only one likely prospect for a pickup in Alabama,” NPR reported. “The remaining nine seats are GOP-held, and the party’s candidates are down or tied in the polls across the board.”

According to NPR, Republican strategists are mostly worried about Arizona, Colorado and North Carolina. But according to the report, Donald Trump’s poor approval ratings in Iowa and Montana also put those two states in play for Democrats.

“The dynamics that could cause him to win reelection may be out of his hands,” said another Republican strategist. “He’s now at the mercy of outside factors.”

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