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Internet Torches Republicans For Trying To Take Credit For COVID Relief Bill Passed By Dems Only



Social media users are slamming Republican members of the House and Senate who are trying to take credit for elements of the American Rescue Act after refusing to support the bill.

President Joe Biden signed the bill into law on Thursday. No Republican in either the House or Senate supported the bill. But some Republicans tried to convince their constituents they played a role in the broadly-backed $1.9 trillion stimulus package, prompting social media users to remind them: “YOU VOTED AGAINST IT!”

One of those Republicans, Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar, of Florida, took to Twitter on Friday to “announce that the Biden Administration has just implemented my bipartisan COVID relief bill.” Despite insisting she was “proud” that her “bipartisan legislation has officially become SBA policy,” Salazar failed to mention that she, herself, voted against the bill. But Twitter users were quick to remind her that “You voted against it!” That phrase is now trending on Twitter.

Check some of the reactions below:

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