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San Antonio Restaurant Vandalized With Racist Graffiti After Owner Speaks Out Against Gov. Abbott Lifting Mask Mandate



A popular San Antonio, Texas ramen restaurant was vandalized with racist graffiti after its owner spoke out against Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to lift coronavirus restrictions in the state.

Mike Nguyen, the owner of the restaurant, told ABC affiliate KSAT 12 that he found red graffiti Sunday on the windows of his San Antonio restaurant, called Noodle Tree.

Photos of the vandalism posted on social media show several phrases written on the windows, including “no mask,” “kung flu,” “commie,” “hope u die” and “ramen noodle flu.”

The vandalism came days after Nguyen’s Wednesday interview with CNN, in which the restaurant owner called Abbott’s decision to remove the state’s mask mandate “selfish” and “cowardly.”

“Greg Abbott doesn’t have the Texas people’s interests in play,” Nguyen told the network. “He only cares about himself at this point.”

According to the station, Nguyen kept Noodle Tree closed for almost six months before reopening with COVID-19 restrictions because bills were piling up.

Abbott earlier this month announced that the mask mandate and restrictions on business capacity would be dropped, prompting criticism, including from President Biden, who called Texas’s and Mississippi’s plans to loosen restrictions “Neanderthal thinking.”

The governor’s decision also prevents local governments from implementing or keeping their own mask mandates. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed a lawsuit against the city of Austin after officials there used a workaround to keep a mandate in place. A judge sided with the city in her initial ruling on the case.

Businesses can maintain masking requirements in their establishments.