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QAnon Fanatics Celebrate Death Of Queen Elizabeth In Bizarre Wave Of Wild Claims



Queen Elizabeth II

Followers of America’s wildest conspiracy theory, QAnon, are celebrating the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, wishing that “May she burn in hell for eternity” for being part of a global child-trafficking cabal. They also claim that the longtime monarch was actually executed for her crimes against humanity.

“So happy! The evil witch is dead,” Vice News reported one QAnon user writing on Telegram after the queen’s death on Thursday.

The queen was first named as a figure in the QAnon conspiracies in one of the earliest posts by the anonymous Q back in November 2017. In 2019, the QAnon world was lit up by claims that the “Queen Lizard” had been executed after a military tribunal found her guilty of ordering the murder of Princess Diana.

Her death was announced again last November by QAnon leader Romana Didulo, the self-proclaimed queen of Canada.

According to Vice, “Others pushed the even more fantastical claim that the queen was not real but merely a computer-generated image, a conspiracy that QAnon has also pushed about President Joe Biden since he took office last year.”

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