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QAnon Congresswoman Fails On Promise To File To Impeach Biden, Claims It’s Too Hard



Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who has been known for pushing conspiracy theories started by QAnon, vowed that she would file articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden the day after his inauguration.

Today marks a day since Biden became president and Greene has failed on her promise.

According to Atlanta-based New Yorker staff writer Charles Bethea, the Republican lawmaker still hasn’t filed the articles against Biden because she seems to have underestimated the difficulty in enacting such a procedure.

“According to a GOP source in her district, Greene ‘thought it would be a lot easier than it is,'” Bethea reports.

Greene has pushed conspiracy theories claiming that Biden won the election illegitimately. Today she learned that conspiracy theories aren’t enough to get a president impeached.

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