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Prosecutor Who Took Down Nixon Predicts Trump’s Fate: ‘He’s Toast’



Donald Trump

Jill Wine-Banks, a prosecutor who played a prominent role in the Watergate scandal that led to President Richard M. Nixon’s downfall, made a prediction about Donald Trump’s imminent reckoning in the ongoing federal investigation concerning classified documents.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Wine-Banks expressed her confidence in the strength of the case against Trump, stating that his evasion of accountability was unimaginable. She even wore a pin that symbolized her belief that Trump’s fate was sealed.

Wine-Banks said she believes that the grand jury has already listened to this incriminating recording, and she anticipates that it will inflict severe damage on Trump’s defense. She emphasized the compelling nature of hearing a defendant, in a criminal case, utter words that clearly demonstrate their criminal intent. In this instance, the recorded words unequivocally reveal Trump’s awareness of retaining documents that remained classified, despite his knowledge of their status.

“There’s nothing as compelling as hearing a defendant in a criminal case say words that show his criminality,” she said. “And these words certainly show that he knew that he hadn’t declassified documents that he still retained.”

Wine-Banks suggested that Trump’s only plausible defense strategy would be to claim that he was lying on the tape. However, she expressed doubt that such a defense would hold up given the substantial evidence against the former president.

Watch the interview below from MSNBC.


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