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Pro-Trump Radio Host Fired After Filming Herself Racially Attacking Construction Workers



Dianna Ploss, a Trump-loving New Hampshire radio host, was fired from her job after filming herself harassing and berating a construction crew for speaking Spanish on the job site.

The Daily Mail reported that the pro-Trump radio host was on her way to work over last Friday when she passed a construction crew that was speaking Spanish to one another. This appeared to offend Ploss, who decided to racially attack the workers and not mind her own business.

“Are you speaking English? It’s America. English. English. English,” she says to the workers.

Ploss then tells the workers they “work for the state,” and that they “should be speaking English.” The workers have to do no such thing. In fact, they can speak whatever language they want to each other. And, as the workers note, they work for a private company, not the state.

“Is anyone here illegal?’ she then asks before repeating, “It is America. Speak English.”

At one point during the video, a Black man approaches Ploss and confronts her.

“Why are you harassing these people?” the man asks.

“Are they in America?’ … Then they should be speaking English,” she says before proceeding to attack that man for wearing a face mask.

Later in the video, Ploss berates the man, saying, “He’s a Black man, and he’s gonna protect the brown man from this white woman who’s practicing white privilege because she happened to walk by and heard this guy talking to all these guys doing this work in Spanish.”

The video went viral over the weekend. It led to a petition being made calling for her firing.

On Sunday, radio station WSMN announced that Ploss was “no longer associated or affiliated in any way with WSMN.”

You can see the video below:

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