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White Woman Launches Vicious Racist Tirade Against Black Student, Calling Her ‘N–er Ape’



A white woman was caught on video as descended into a vile racist tirade against a black student on a Manhattan street — repeatedly using the N-word and calling her an “ape.”

Kathryn Graves, a Yale PhD student, was walking in Midtown in her Black Lives Matter T-shirt when the woman began shouting at her, prompting her to turn down the music in her headphones.

“Obama’s f—ing d–k right next to his ape f—ing wife,” the unidentified woman rants at Graves, according to the footage posted to Instagram Sunday.

The woman then started making monkey-like noises at the Brown University grad while clutching a case of Ice beer, coming just inches away from her as she repeatedly calls her a “n—er ape.”

“What’s the matter, you n—er ape, you got time to f—ing do your hair?” the woman continues to rant.

“What’s the matter, you got time to do your f—ing pink a– f—ing hair, you n—er Obama f—ing ape,” she says, before turning to finally cross Third Avenue.

The 27-year-old student remained calm throughout the exchange, only speaking in the video as the woman finally walks off, telling her, “We’re going to find you online and you’re going to lose your job.”

Watch the video below:

Graves said she shared the clip in hopes of naming the abusive stranger. Many followers sent her Venmo payments, which she said she was forwarding to Black Lives Matter groups.

“I admire you for not winding up and knocking that trash to the gutter where she belongs,” one person wrote.