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Pro-Trump ‘Prophet’ Claims Bolton Is A ‘Demonic Inquisitor’ Looking To ‘Destroy Trump’



Lance Wallnau, a self-proclaimed “prophet” and avid Donald Trump supporter, claimed earlier today that former National Security adviser is looking to “destroy Trump” with his new book.

Wallnau is an advocate of Seven Mountains Dominionism, which argues that putting the right kind of Christians in office can transform the “mountains” of society — mountains like government, education, media, and entertainment, according to Right Wing Watch reporter Peter Montgomery.

According to Wallnau, Washington is embroiled in “spiritual warfare,” led by a media that is “under the influence of darkness” and “weaponized” against Trump.

“This isn’t fair at all,” Wallnau said regarding Trump’s impeachment. “This is a demonic battle over the minds of individuals in Washington, and Bolton failed that great test, to pass up the money and the opportunism with an offended ego and put principle above his own personal prosperity.”

According to Wallnau, Bolton’s book is little more than a “cash grab,” and he said he views Bolton’s “betrayal of Trump” as a “sign of the same madness that happens to other people in the Beltway,” citing conservative writer George Will, who recently advised Democrats on how to defeat Trump.

“Imagine the immense pressure of spiritual warfare in that center of power that is the city that has more global impact than any other city,” Wallnau added.

Wallnau went on to praise Trump’s anger.

“This man was built for this moment in history,” he said.

Wallnau went on to say that the majority of Americans want impeachment witnesses only because they have been “low-informed.”

“And these demonic inquisitors, they’ll needle this data out, they’ll tease out everything they can to perplex and harass and destroy this president’s efficiency and effectiveness,” Wallnau said. “So we don’t need, and Trump doesn’t need, that additional complexity by having Bolton revealing his thoughts.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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