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Pro-Trump County Clerk Cries ‘Fraud’ After Losing Colorado Primary, And My Pillow Guy Goes Ballistic



Tina Peters and Mike Lindell

Indicted Colorado county clerk Tina Peters, who peddled election conspiracy theories on behalf of Donald Trump and allegedly breached her own voting machines, lost her primary bid to become the secretary of state.

But according to The Daily Beast, “she did exactly what you would expect: She denied she lost, cried fraud, and vowed to keep fighting.”

“It’s not over,” Peters reportedly told supporters at her watch party, while she was 15 percentage points behind the actual winner, Pam Anderson, a former Jefferson County clerk.

“I’m sorry we had faith in the system once again.”

As noted by the Beast, “Peters’ loss will be a blow to a cast of her fellow election deniers, including prominent backer Mike Lindell, who claimed to have “caught them in their fraud” in Peter’s race.

“Biggest fraud!!! We caught them!!!” Lindell frantically texted The Daily Beast late on Tuesday night, referring to the Peters race. “We caught them in their fraud!!! Prison for Dominion!”

“How the votes came in (in real time). This is impossible!!!!!” he exclaimed.

Peter’s defeat comes three months after she was indicted by a grand jury on 10 misdemeanor and felony charges stemming from her role in the breaching of election machines in Mesa following the 2020 election.

Read it at The Daily Beast.