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Pro-Trump Anti-Vaxx Pastor Can’t Comprehend Why COVID Isn’t Killing Democrats



Ken Christmas

Pro-Trump pastor and QAnon fanatic Kent Christmas, famous for his anti-vaccine rants, is now seemingly embracing a new conspiracy theory, telling his congregation that no “big Democrats” have died from COVID and asking them, “Doesn’t that make you wonder?”

During a recent sermon, Christmas, who back in August claimed Christians should not get vaccinated because “the law of God supersedes the law of men,” suggested that something nefarious could be behind the fact that no “big Democrats and billionaires” have died from the coronavirus.

“I can’t think of one big Democrat that’s died from the Coronavirus,” he says in video posted by Friendly Atheist’s Hemant Mehta. “I can’t think of one billionaire that’s died of Coronavirus. Bill Gates is fine. George Soros is fine,” he adds, as an parishioner can be heard saying, “You’re right.”

“Biden’s fine. He’s 80 years old and half dead anyway,” the pastor added, to laughter and applause. “Rupert Murdoch’s fine. The CEOs of Vanguard and Berkshire Hathaway and State City and Mark Zuckerberg – they’re just fine.”

“Doesn’t that make you wonder?” he asks, as audience members agree.

Watch the video below: