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Police Release Walmart Shooter’s ‘Death Note’ They Found On His Phone



Warmalt shooter note

Authorities in Chesapeake, Virginia, have released a “death note” note found on the Walmart shooter’s phone.

A screenshot of the note, posted on the City of Chesapeake Twitter account, outlines grievances the shooter, Andre Bing, had with himself and his colleagues. Specific names in the note have been redacted.

Police said Bing used a 9mm handgun that was purchased locally on Tuesday morning – the same day as the shooting. He killed six coworkers before taking his own life.

Bing had no criminal history, the city noted.

The shooting on Tuesday night – two days before Thanksgiving – began minutes after 10 p.m. inside the employee break room, where some workers were getting ready to start their overnight shift.

In addition to the six employees who did not survive, others continue to receive medical treatment. At least two employees remained hospitalized, police said.

The tragedy came as many in the community were preparing to spend the holiday with family and friends. It also came days after a gunman opened fire at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people and injuring 19 others.

You can read the note below:


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