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Piers Morgan Calls Sarah Palin ‘Totally Bunkers’ To Her Face For Pushing Election Fraud ‘Nonsense’



Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) appeared on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, during which she tried to push the idea that there was voter fraud in last year’s election.

The former Republican governor was quickly shut down by conservative host Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

When she weighed in with her take on the country’s electoral process, Palin said, “I want to see that our elections and every polling place is run cleanly, I was a Governor and as a Governor.”

To which Reid interjected saying, “The question was do you accept the election victory by Joe Biden.”

Instead of answering the question, the former Alaska Governor said, “This is crazy, you guys invited me on, let me finish please.”

Morgan was not interested in Palin’s attempt to dismiss the question.

“Why don’t you answer the question?” he asked.

Palin replied, “No, let me finish. I am talking about clean elections and I know that shenanigans do take place in elections, as a Governor I witnessed that.” However, Morgan pressed on. “Sarah, you cannot filibuster us, now let’s go back to the question do you accept that Joe Biden…”

The former Governor interrupted Morgan as she continued to avoid his question. “Ok let’s go back to the question then about this mob rule,” she said. “Let’s go back to the first question, we never even got to finish the topic of the rioters in the Capitol.”

At one point, Morgan tried to stop the argument, saying, “We normally like having you on the program because we have a good two-way, robust debate. Today you’ve just come on and you’re just talking nonsense. I don’t think you believe this!”

A frustrated Palin fired back saying, “How is it nonsense when I’m telling you facts about the -”

Morgan interrupted her saying, “They’re not facts! There was no fraud!”

That’s when Palin snapped at Morgan. “Oh really?!” she exclaimed. “Just look into that one issue, just one issue – that being the dead people who voted!” Trying not to laugh at the intense exchange, Reid chimed in as she highlighted the biggest problem plaguing the Republican Party.

“I say this with the utmost respect to you – you’re sounding totally bonkers,” Reid said, adding, “Part of the problem for the Republican Party is that people like you – high-level members – are still perpetuating this utter load of nonsense that somehow there was fraud that stopped Trump winning. Trump got hammered in this election!”

Take a look at the exchange below: