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People Are Trashing ‘All Around Bad Guy’ Bill O’Reilly For Threatening Airline Staff Over Flight Delay



Bill O'Reilly

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly sparked a slush of condemnation after was caught on video profanely threatening airline workers over a delay in his flight to the Caribbean.

The footage, which was obtained by The Daily Mail, shows the disgraced former TV host berating JetBlue employees at JFK International Airport in New York after learning that his flight would be delayed.

O’Reilly can clearly be heard calling the airline representative a “f*cking scumbag.”

“You’re threatening me with violence, man,” the employee tells O’Reilly.

“No I’m not,” O’Reilly snapped back before telling the representative, “You’re going to lose your job.”

The passenger who filmed the encounter told The Daily Mail that he was sickened by O’Reilly’s behavior.

“I couldn’t believe how arrogant he was,” he said. “That poor JetBlue guy just works there, it’s not his fault the flight was delayed, he was just trying to do his job.”

Social media users reacted to the incident by reminding O’Reilly that was ousted at Fox News in 2017 over a baragge of sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him.

Watch the video and some of the reactions below.