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Pennsylvania Attorney General Calls Ted Cruz a ‘Sad Sack’ Who Needs a Psychiatrist To Examine His Head



Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro slammed Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as a “sad sack” and questioned his mental state after the Texas Republican said he’s willing to argue a case asking the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out the 2020 election results.

Shapiro’s comments came during a panel discussion on CNN about a New York Times report that President Donald Trump had asked Cruz to present a case from Texas’ attorney general asking the justices to reject the election results in four key battleground states.

“[Cruz] has proven himself neither to be a genius in terms of the law nor a genius, frankly, in terms of [emotional intelligence]. He is a sad sack,” Shapiro, a Democrat, told CNN. “I would say to him — and, frankly, I’d say to my 17 colleagues who have gone along with this circus — I don’t know whether I need to send you a surgeon to examine your spine or a psychiatrist to examine your head. But something’s wrong with you if you continue to follow this president.”

Courts have handed Trump loss after loss in his bid to reverse Joe Biden’s substantial election win, lambasting his legal team for their flimsy claims of voter fraud.

Legal experts have also described disgraced Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s case, filed Tuesday, as “preposterous” and unlikely to be heard by the Supreme Court.

During his camera time with CNN, Shapiro added that attorneys who continue to make a legal case for Trump’s effort to unravel a free and fair election just aren’t much good at this whole lawyering thing.

“This president will continue to lose in court, and I believe that anyone who sides with him — Ted Cruz or anyone else — will continue to lose as well,” he added.


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