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Pence Won’t Attend Trump’s Departure Ceremony, Will Be At Biden’s Inauguration Instead



Vice President Mike Pence will not attend President Trump’s departure ceremony at Base Andrews, choosing instead to attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inaugural, CNN reports, citing two people close to Pence.

Trump had planned a large ceremony complete with a military-style parade and flyovers. But the Pentagon declined his request.

The outgoing president will depart the White House South Lawn via Marine One for Joint Base Andrews early tomorrow morning. He will be joined by a group of supporters, but without his Vice President to cheer him on.

Invitations to Trump’s ceremony have gone out to Trump’s friends, allies and former administration officials saying it will begin at 8 a.m. ET. Each invitee is allowed five guests; organizers hope to secure a large crowd because Trump has complained about the size of his gatherings in the past.

Trump’s former communications director turned critic, Anthony Scaramucci said he was invited to the departure, telling CNN that he did not plan to attend, but saw his invitation as a sign the White House was eager to bulk up the guest list.