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Pence Urges DOJ Not To Indict Trump Because It’s Christmas Season: ‘It’s The Most Important Thing’



Former Vice President Mike Pence called on the Department of Justice to go easy on Donald Trump and not indict him for his role in inciting the January 6 insurrection.

During a Monday interview on Fox News, Pence was asked if the Jan. 6 Committee should issue a criminal referral for Trump.

Pence accused the committee of having a “partisan taint.”

“Congress has no formal role in Justice Department decisions,” he added. “So they can make recommendations today. But when it comes to the Justice Department’s decision about bringing charges in the future, I would hope that they would not bring charges against the former president.”

“The president’s actions and words on Jan. 6 were reckless but I don’t know that it’s criminal to take bad advice from lawyers,” the former vice president opined.

“There might be criminal referrals on that too,” Fox News host Dana Perino told Pence.

The former vice president then claimed that Trump should not be indicted because it’s the holiday season.

“I want to tell you, I hope the Justice Department understands the magnitude of the very idea of indicting a former president of the United States,” Pence remarked. “I think that would be terribly divisive in the country at a time when the American people want to see us heal. At this time of year, we’re all thinking about the most important things in our lives: our faith, our family. And my hope is, the Justice Department think very carefully before proceeding.”

You can watch his claims below: