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Pelosi Drops The Hammer, Wont Let Trump And GOP Allies Get Away With Jan 6 Attack



Nancy pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday that Democrats will soon establish a special congressional committee to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, sending a message that she has no intention of letting Republicans stymie a comprehensive examination of the violence and what led up to it.

“It is imperative that we seek the truth for what happened,” the California Democrat told reporters in the Capitol.

While Pelosi did not provide details about the composition of the committee, or who she’ll choose to lead it, she made clear that its scope will be focused squarely on the attack of Jan. 6 — and not other incidents of political violence, as Republican leaders had demanded. And she left open the possibility that the probe could extend into 2022, which would keep the spotlight on the role Trump and the Republicans played on Jan. 6 in an election year when the GOP likes its odds of winning back power.

“The timetable will be as long as it takes,” she said.

The move, coming almost six months after the deadly riot and a month after Senate Republicans blocked legislation to establish an independent, bipartisan panel — modeled on the 9/11 commission — to conduct the probe.