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Pastor Says Americans Should Thank Trump For $1400 Stimulus Checks: ‘His Blessing To America’



A Mississippi pastor who compared Donald Trump to God and claimed he would be sworn into office again despite losing the election is now claiming that the American public should be thanking the former president for the $1,400 stimulus checks that some of them will be receiving after Democrats passed the latest COVID-19 relief bill.

Shane Vaughn posted a broadcast on his YouTube channel over the weekend telling his viewers that Trump is responsible for the new relief bill.

“This was Donald Trump’s idea,” Vaughn told his followers. “Donald Trump said if we’re going to blow this money anyway then blow it on our people. And so ladies and gentleman, that bill that passed today where you’re getting all this money, that was an offering from our late president to every one of you.”

“Now you are getting the rest of what he fought for,” he continued. “$1,400 more equals $2,000 a person. So even as Donald Trump has left office, his blessing to America has continued.”

Vaughn then went on to attack the bill and called it “socialism.”

“I don’t know where we got the idea that government was there to bail out the people in hard times,” he opined. “We have turned the government into a big nanny. She has become the breast of the nation. Everyone is sucking off of socialism.”

“I’m still a conservative and I still believe that this nation should not be in the business of taking care of all of her citizens,” he added.

Take a look at his remarks below: