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Palin Uncorks Bizarre Conspiracy Theory, Claims Dems Orchestrated GOP’s Biden Investigation For 2024 Gain



Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin claims that Democrats 'planned' the Republican investigation into Joe Biden and his son. (Screenshot)

During an appearance on Newsmax on Wednesday, former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, presented an unusual theory regarding the Democrats’ involvement in the GOP’s investigation of President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The failed vice presidential candidate alleged that Democrats orchestrated the Republican inquiry into President Biden and his family in order to get Republicans angry. According to her argument, this orchestrated anger is intended to culminate in a last-minute replacement of Biden as the nominee. She posited that an alternative candidate would be introduced, someone whom the Democrats view as a messianic figure, a new savior for their cause.

“I think it’s becoming exposed because their strategy, the left strategy, is to get us so riled up and so angry about the corruption of Joe Biden and his family that at the last minute, they’re gonna have Biden bailed,” Palin said. “He’s not going to be the nominee. They’re going to throw in somebody else who will be their messiah, their new savior.”

Palin went on to explain that this tactic is devised to neutralize a significant portion of the right’s criticisms against the left in the ongoing presidential campaign season. In her perspective, this intricate plan is premeditated and strategic in nature.

“And then that will take away so many of the arguments that the right has against the left in this presidential campaign season. It’s all planned, it’s all strategy,” she said.

Check the interview below.


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