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Laura Ingraham Just Inadvertently Caused John Eastman To Incriminate Himself On Live TV



Former Donald Trump lawyer John Eastman during an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham. (Screenshot)
Former Donald Trump lawyer John Eastman during an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham. (Screenshot)

During an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday, former Trump lawyer John Eastman seemed to have incriminated himself while being interviewed by right-wing host Laura Ingraham. The video clip of this interview is rapidly going viral.

Ingraham queried Eastman about the events of January 6:

“On January 6, what did you want to happen and how was that historically grounded in the history of our country. How would that have taken place? Just so the viewers can understand what would have unfolded, and how that would have ultimately been constitutional?”

In response, Eastman conveyed, “Several things, some people have urged that the Vice President Pence simply had power to reject electors whose certification was still pending,” at which point Ingraham interjected, saying “I don’t believe that, but go ahead.”

“I don’t either,” Eastman continued, “and I explicitly told Vice President Pence in the Oval Office on January 4, that even though it was an open issue, under the circumstances we had, I thought it was the weaker argument, and it would be foolish to exercise such power, even if he had.”

“What I recommended, and I’ve said this repeatedly, is that he accede to requests from more than 100 state legislators in the swing states, to give them a week to try and sort out the impact of what everybody acknowledged was illegality in the conduct of the election,” he added.

“Not everyone acknowledges it,” Ingraham shot back. “But that was the argument that was being made, obviously. And there were obviously irregularities that everybody had seen. But whether it rose to the level of changing the outcome of the election, again, without a legal proceeding in the states that mattered … the argument ultimately was a difficult one to make.. I mean, hence here we are.”

Reacting to the interview, conservative activist George Conway tweeted: “Pro legal tip: If you’ve been indicted for doing something, don’t talk about that something on TV.”

Author David Pepper Wednesday described the interview this way: “How exactly were you going to pull off your coup?”

“Here was my exact plan to pull it off.”

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti wrote: “When you’ve lost Laura Ingraham …”


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