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Only a Dozen People Showed Up For Mike Lindell’s ‘Big’ Rally Outside Fox News



Mike Lindell

In an effort to pressure Fox News into airing his unproven claims about the 2020 election, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell organized a “big protest rally” outside of Fox News headquarters. But the rally flopped after only a few people showed up, The Daily Beast reports.

“A little more than a dozen” people even bothered to show up”, The Beast’s reporter Zachary Petrizzo wrote, noting that the poorly attended protest was just the latest in a string of embarrassing setbacks this week for Lindell’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.”

“While Lindell promised supporters for weeks that he would file the suit this Tuesday, the deadline quickly came and went, with the multimillionaire publicly releasing a draft complaint with a placeholder ‘[Insert state here]’ listed as plaintiff,” the report says.

The report added that Lindell had claimed that “the plaintiffs would be announced at the protest. He then gave The Daily Beast the names of four states, on the condition they not be named until the announcement: All of them, however, were Democratic states, two of which were already listed as defendants in his draft.”

Despite his embarrassing failures, Lindell is still telling supporters that Trump his lawsuit presents evidence that will force the Supreme Court to reinstate Donald Trump as president, despite losing the 2020election to Joe Biden by more than 7 million votes.

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