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‘No End To The Madness’: Conservatives Dismayed As GOP Pick Jim Jordan For Speaker After Scalise’s Bid Collapses



Rep. Jim Jordan.
Rep. Jim Jordan. (Photo: Imgur)

In a spectacular display of disarray, the House GOP caucus has made a baffling choice, opting for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) as their second choice for House speaker after the failed bid of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). But rather than bringing relief, this decision has left conservatives disheartened, with some bemoaning the “never-ending madness” that continues to plague the party in the form of internal strife and chaos.

In a scathing column for The Daily Beast, conservative writer Matt Lewis didn’t hold back, calling the removal of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) without a clear replacement plan a complete embarrassment for the GOP. According to Lewis, “it’s not just a dumpster fire; it’s a full-blown display of dysfunction during a time of grave danger.” And if Jordan somehow snags the speaker’s gavel with the needed 217 votes, good luck trying to control a caucus more interested in internal bickering than getting things done.

In a damning critique, Lewis asserted that the Jordan nomination doesn’t indicate “an end to the madness in sight.” His concerns centered on GOP lawmakers like Reps. Nancy Mace of South Carolina (whom he described as “an attention-starved pol”) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), and Lauren Boebert (R-CO), all seemingly more interested in self-promotion than serving their constituents.

Lewis bluntly stated, “This moment is telling. The Republican Party’s inability to elect a Speaker of the House is a microcosm of larger cultural decadence and degeneration disproportionately afflicting the GOP. Too many of today’s politicians prioritize themselves over our institutions—and our country.”

Painting a bleak picture, Lewis cautioned that resolving these deep-seated problems would be a generational project. However, he emphasized that waiting for such a resolution is not an option when it comes to selecting a Speaker of the House, urging an end to the current stalemate.

Lewis urges Republicans to face the music in D.C., clean up the mess they’ve made, and keep at it until the GOP clown car finally stumbles across the finish line. To quote an old saying, “If you’re going through hell, keep on going.” It’s high time for action, and it’s the least they could do to salvage what’s left of their credibility.