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Nicolle Wallace Just Shut Down Trump Lawyers’ Impeachment Defense: ‘No One Has Said He Didn’t Do This’



MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace made a very solid point on Thursday when she noted that not a single person who has defended Donald Trump in his impeachment trial has said that the president didn’t commit an offense.

“It is amazing. This is where this is. Not only has no one said he wouldn’t do this, no one said he didn’t do this,” Wallace noted.

Maya Wiley, a legal analyst and professor at The New School for Social Research, explained that the Trump’s White House team of lawyers seems to have decided on that spin as their argument.

“That’s the amazing thing!” said host Chris Matthews, as the panel laughed. “The other guy. I’m sorry, Jay Sekulow, started off by saying, ‘he never did anything wrong’ and he didn’t say, ‘he didn’t do this.’ That’s an amazing thing to be missed. He didn’t say, ‘he didn’t do this. He didn’t cut this deal to screw [Volodymyr] Zelensky. He didn’t do this.’”

Wiley held up the White House brief noting that Trump’s team made exactly the point that the House Democrats are making to the Senate.

“Either you have to stipulate to the facts, which are that he did it,” said Wiley. “And this brief really is saying he did it. I mean, if you read it in plain language, ‘he did it. He just shouldn’t be impeached for it.’ I think the only argument to make in the absence of evidence to do what you’re saying, Chris, which is to say, ‘he is a good guy, he wouldn’t do what you’re accusing him of.’”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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