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Newsmax Host Says Conservatives Should ‘Seriously Consider’ Leaving GOP And Creating ‘MAGA Party’



Newsmax host Greg Kelly believes that the Republican Party should be overthrown by a new political party inspired by Donald Trump and his supporters.

According to Kelly, Trump supporters should “seriously consider” overthrowing the GOP and creating a new MAGA-inspired political party.

During his Wednesday evening segment of Greg Kelly Reports, he encouraged his viewers to distance from both the Democratic and Republican Parties as he claimed they are not “cutting it.” Kelly went on to pitch idea of possibly forming a Make America Great Again (MAGA) political party.

“We need a new party,” Kelly told his viewers. “Democrats aren’t cutting it, and quite frankly, I don’t think the Republicans are cutting it. At least a lot of them are just mailing it in.”

According to Kelly, a so-called “MAGA Party” should be taken into “serious consideration.” The “party,” he said, would focus on the Constitution and place an emphasis on “canceling” the so-called “deep state.”

He added, “The ‘MAGA Party’ — a party about ideas, the Constitution, opportunity, liberty,” Kelly said. “Term limits, the Second Amendment, and canceling … the deep state and the federal bureaucracy.”

“There are some good people, but let’s face it,” Kelly added. “It is big and bloated, and all kinds of waste could be cut away. I think it’s something that deserves serious, serious consideration in this country.”

As we have seen in the last four years, the Republican Party has, for the most part, been backing Donald Trump and his ideals. Even now, current Republican lawmakers are entertaining Trump by pushing his conspiracy theory that the election was rigged against him.

Based on the number of Americans who voted for Trump, the country will also be polarized for quite sometime.

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