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‘I Can Prove it’: Giuliani Declares Trump Won Pennsylvania By 300,000 Votes, Michigan By 50,000 In Rambling News Conference



President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, took the president’s voter fraud claims even farther on Thursday, baselessly alleging during a free-wheeling press conference that the fraud was nationally coordinated. He also claimed that Trump won the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan by a large margin and said he can “prove it.”

Giuliani’s statements included already debunked claims of voter fraud, baseless allegations of corrupted and hackable voting machines, election interference by foreign communists, and even references to Antifa.

The former New York City mayor also offered alternative election results for swing states and argued the president had a viable path to a second term.

“It’s not a singular voter fraud in one state,” Giuliani said. “This pattern repeats itself in a number of states, almost exactly the same pattern, which any experienced investigator prosecutor, which suggests that there was a plan — from a centralized place to execute these various acts of voter fraud, specifically focused on big cities, and specifically focused on, as you would imagine, big cities controlled by Democrats, and particularly if they focused on big cities that have a long history of corruption.”

“I know crimes, I can smell them. You don’t have to smell this one, I can prove it to you, 18 different ways. I can prove to you that he won, Pennsylvania, by 300,000 votes. I can prove to you that he won Michigan, I probably 50,000 votes,” Giuliani declared.

The president and Giuliani have repeatedly alleged that the fraud was coming from big Democratic cities with large Black populations, including Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. while acknowledging the results in mostly white areas. In Thursday’s press conference, Giuliani doubled down on this.

Watch a portion of the news conference below:

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