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New Video Shows Trump Mob Stalking, Punching, Chasing Cop Outside US Capitol



MAGA Rioters

A newly released video from the January 6 attack on the US Capitol shows a supporter of former President Donald Trump taunting, stalking, punching, and then chasing a police officer outside the US Capitol.

The latest release of up-close video of MAGA terrorists assaulting police officers shows Scott Fairlamb, a gym owner from New Jersey, getting into the face of a law enforcement officer, following him, and taunting him with expletives.

“You have no idea what the f**k you’re doing,” Fairlamb shouted at the cop before pushing and punching the officer.

According to court records, Fairlamb was one of the first rioters inside the Senate side of the building and is charged with 12 criminal counts including assaulting police and carrying a dangerous weapon into the Capitol.

Watch the video below.

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