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New Poll Shows Trump’s Unpopularity Hurting GOP Candidates’ Chances In Key Senate Races



The Republican Party could be looking at a very unsuccessful election in November if the poll patterns continue, according to New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Matt Stevens.

According to Martin and Stevens, Trump’s unpopularity in recent polls also show that he’s hurting the GOP’s chances of staying in control of the Senate come November.

Martin and Stevens report that according to a recent New York Times/Siena College poll, “President Trump’s erratic performance in office and his deteriorating standing in the polls is posing a grave threat to his party’s Senate majority, imperiling incumbents in crucial swing states and undermining Republican prospects in one of the few states they had hoped to gain a seat (Michigan).”

According to the polls, the same battleground states where Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden are the same states where Republican Senate candidates are trailing Democrats.

For example, the Times and Siena found that in Arizona, GOP Sen. Martha McSally is trailing Democrat Mark Kelly by 9%, and in Michigan, incumbent Democratic Sen. Gary Peters is ahead of Republican John James by 10%. In North Carolina, meanwhile, Republican Sen. Thom Tillis is trailing Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham by 3%.

Kirk Adams, the Republican who formerly served as speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, told the Times, “The election is a referendum on Trump. That could change, but until then, down-ballot Republicans will have to decide if they will ride the Trump train to its final destination or if they need to establish some brand independence.”

The Times/Siena poll found Biden leading Trump by 14% nationally and by 11% in Michigan and Wisconsin, 10% in Pennsylvania, 7% in Arizona, 9% in North Carolina and 6% in Florida. All of those states are key battleground states that could define the election in November.

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