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‘Never Seen One’: Trump’s 2:30 AM Post Suggests That He Won Because People Don’t Wear Biden Hats



Ever since losing the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump has been unable to come to terms with his defeat against President Joe Biden. Despite multiple legal challenges and claims of election fraud, none of his efforts proved successful in overturning the results. Nonetheless, Trump has continued to perpetuate the false narrative that the election was stolen from him, and now he has a new theory to prove his claim: The lack of Biden’s hats.

“No Biden hats anywhere. Never seen one,” Trump wrote in response to a post pointing out the lack of pro-Biden hats, shirts and flags.

To the casual observer, Trump’s assertion might appear ludicrous, but he insists that the lack of Biden hats among his supporters is no coincidence. In his interpretation, the absence of these hats serves as an unmistakable omen of electoral defeat for his rival.

While critics scoff at the notion, Trump remains steadfast in his conviction that hat-wearing (or lack thereof) is an infallible predictor of election outcomes.

Of course, Trump’s outlandish theory has far-reaching implications that defy logical reasoning. While political symbolism plays a role in shaping public perception, reducing an entire election outcome to a single piece of clothing ventures into the realm of the absurd.

If we were to entertain this notion for a moment, it would suggest that voters’ political leanings and preferences can be deciphered merely by observing their choice of headgear. Such a reductionist approach to understanding public sentiment not only undermines the complexity of political decision-making but also alienates those who do not conform to such simplistic categorizations or cultish behavior.

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