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NASA Says They Don’t Know Origin Of Mysterious Rocket That Crashed On The Moon



Moon mystery crash

NASA scientists are baffled after discovering something on the surface of the moon, unlike anything they had seen before.

As reported by The Houston Chronicle, the agency this week released a statement saying they don’t know the origin of a mysterious rocket that crashed on the moon this year and produced an unusual double crater on the surface (video below.)

NASA said the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which collects data on the moon, spotted two craters after the “mystery rocket body” collided with the moon on March 4.

The agency said the double crater might indicate that the rocket had a large mass on each end of it. Rockets from earth usually have their mass on the end with the motor, with the other side being an empty fuel tank.

A rocket body hitting the moon has not created a double crater before, the agency stated, according to the report.

The Houston Chronicle reported that no space-exploring country has claimed the rocket as their own so far.

According to YouTube Channel File51, the researchers who made the discovery said they need more time to determine if the craft was from earth or from extraterrestrial origin.