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‘My God, What’s Going On?!’: Morning Joe Hosts Stunned After Larry Kudlow’s Latest Claim About COVID-19



White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who in February declared that the COVID-19 virus was “contained,” is now claiming that the coronavirus pandemic is easing, despite nearly 1,000 deaths a day and states hitting record numbers of infections.

Kudlow told Fox News on over the weekend that there was no second wave of infections and the pandemic was no longer an emergency, and the “Morning Joe” co-hosts were stunned.

“Wait, what?” MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski said. “Have another — okay, my god, what’s going on?”

Co-host Joe Scarborough reminded viewers that Kudlow had previously made wild statements about COVID-19, and so have other administration officials.

“Dr. Kudlow, the man who told us in that first clip back in, I think it was — was it March, February?” Scarborough said. “That coronavirus was contained, that was nearly a month before the nationwide shutdown, and, of course, Kellyanne Conway got angry at a CBS reporter for suggesting that the coronavirus had not been contained, [but] 114,000 deaths later, 114,000 deaths after Larry Kudlow said, coronavirus was contained, he was speaking again on Friday saying there are no spikes.”

Infections are climbing in 22 states, which Scarborough hoped was a result of increased testing, but he said the White House seems to be hoping they can wish the virus away.

“It appears for Larry Kudlow and some people at the White House the defining narrative is still, nothing to see here, move along, move along,” Scarborough said.