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White Nationalists Heading To Minneapolis To ‘Get Their Loot’, MSNBC Host Say



White nationalists are openly plotting to cause chaos at Minnesota protests for George Floyd, MSNBC host Joy Read said on Saturday’s edition of her show “AM Joy.”

“We saw uprisings over the Michael Brown killing, we saw it in Baltimore, saw it in New York over Eric Garner,” said Reid. “What I’m hearing now is that this is something different.”

“I have a few thoughts,” said Alicia Garcia, principal of the Black Futures Lab and one of the original Black Lives Matter activist leaders. “Number one, I think it’s important for us to hear what is being said here, especially in relationship to white supremacist forces who certainly have a stake in making sure that the kind of cover of this moment, right, helps to advance an agenda. We’re not unclear that Minnesota, in addition to having some serious issues with law enforcement, also has serious concerns and issues with militias and white nationalist forces.”

“One of the things said by this whole failing of state officials is that white nationalist groups are posting online that they are going to go to Minneapolis and, quote, ‘get their loot on,’” said Reid. “That they are openly threatening to do this.”

“We had on the attorney general of the state, Keith Ellison, who talked about one particular incident that I know lots of people have seen on social media,” said Reid. “I just want to show this video if we can. This is a video referred to by Keith Ellison, the attorney general, and it is of a man with an umbrella, though it is not raining, wearing a gas mask, breaking windows at a hardware store. He’s followed by protesters who yell at him and continue to film him.”

“This is what Keith Ellison referred to as he talked about people from outside the community coming in,” said Reid. The St. Paul mayor said that all of the people arrested last night were from out of state. The governor, Tim Walz, said that overall, of all the people arrested, it’s 80 percent people outside the community.”

Watch the segment below: