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Morning Joe Laughs At Lindsey Graham Begging For Money For Trump In The Verge Of Tears



Morning Joe ridicules Lindsey Graham

Following the report that former president Donald Trump was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury on Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on Fox News to rage about the injustice of it all, cursing, and asking for money for Trump.

“They’re trying to destroy Donald Trump because they fear him at the ballot box. To the conservatives out there, make sure you vote if you got friends, make sure they vote. If you don’t have any friends, go make some friends but you need to help this man, Donald J. Trump,” the GOP senator said before imploring viewers to send money to help Trump.

“They’re trying to drain him dry; he’s spent more money on lawyers than most spend on campaigns,” Graham said, almost crying. “They’re trying to bleed him dry. — go tonight, give the president some money to fight this bulls–t.”

Graham’s meltdown prompted a response from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who ridiculed the South Carolina Republican for his money-grabbing theatrics.

“I was going to say, Lindsey Graham was dispatched to do that, but they don’t even have to get the order anymore — they know the job. It’s to run out on tv and raise money, we go back to this again,” he said while laughing.

“You know, I always talk about the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker approach to politics scamming people like my grandmother out of their social security checks, $25 here, $50 there,” Scarborough added.

“I’ve got to say, that Lindsey Graham moment? He’s tearing up,” he laughed. “Lindsey knows what a bad man Donald Trump is. Lindsey is the one who said, ‘if we make him our nominee, he’ll destroy the Republican party and we deserve it.'”

“Lindsey almost crying there — that reminded me of Oral Roberts climbing up into his tower in the ’80s, saying, ‘Give me $3 million or I’m not coming down from this tower,'” he added as the panel laughed once again.

Watch the segment below.

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