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Mitt Romney Says It’s ‘Madness’ That Republicans Want To Challenge Electoral College Vote



Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has been one of the few Republican lawmakers to criticize Donald Trump and actually accept the results of the 2020 election. On Wednesday, the Republican senator slammed his GOP colleagues for wanting to challenge the Electoral College votes.

“This is madness. We have a process, recounts are appropriate, going to the court is approp [SIC] & pursuing every legal avenue is appropriate, but trying to get electors not to do what the people voted to do is madness,” Romney said on Tuesday during and interview with NBC News’ Frank Thorp. “It would be saying, ‘Look, let’s not follow the vote of the people, let’s instead do it what we want, that would not be the way a democratic republic ought to work.”

Romney’s latest remarks are not the first he has made regarding the outcome of the election. Shortly after Biden was declared the winner of the election, Romney was one of the first Republican lawmakers to speak out. On day after the election was called, Romney urged the nation to ‘get behind’ Biden.

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