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Meghan McCain Calls For The Arrest Of Cops Who Committed ‘Blatant Murder’ By Killing George Floyd



During a segment on “The View” on Wednesday, co-host Meghan McCain said that the Minneapolis police officers who killed George Floyd should be arrested and charged with murder.

The four officers lost their jobs over the death, which prompted widespread protests that were met with tear gas and other violent tactics from police.

“There was huge amounts of protesters that took to the streets last night, and I think people are sitting in their homes and seeing what is blatantly a murder of a man on camera, and George Floyd, I watched the entire video,” McCain said. “I know we didn’t want to show the entire thing, but it’s very graphic. It’s very violent.”

McCain claimed that the video showed a black man being murdered by police as he and onlookers beg for his life.

“It is very violent, very, and I think when you are sitting at home and seeing a blatant murder of an unarmed black man on video, you can understand why people are reaching a fever pitch because it doesn’t seem like this is stopping, and it’s not just happening in Minneapolis,” McCain said. “It’s happening all over the country everywhere. This is a systemic problem nationally, and what’s interesting on top of that is ABC has released footage this morning of George when he was originally arrested, and he was not resisting and he’s not struggling and they handcuffed him and they take him to the side of a wall, and he was being compliant in every way.”

“So I think the question that so many of us have is, how do you go from somebody being not resisting arrest to complying with police officers to having your neck suffocated nine minutes later and you dying?” she added. “These police officers should 100 percent be on trial for murder. They’re already on trial in the court of public opinion, but I don’t know how much — not just African American communities, but Americans, in general, can withstand this. There is so much anger and frustration, and I really worry about these kinds of riots going across the country because I just don’t think Americans can handle this anymore. It’s just so blatant and egregious, and apparently, if you are a police officer, and I would like to say there are great police officers everywhere. It’s not a blanket statement, but when you see people like this who are just going to murder someone in broad daylight, it obviously puts a mark on all of them.”

Take a look at McCain’s comments below:

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