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Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress Tells Trump And His Supporters To Accept Biden Won



In a surprise move on Wednesday, Dallas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress told supporters of Donald Trump to accept that Joe Biden won the presidency and to accept him as their new president.

Jeffress, who has been a prominent defender of Trump, wrote a Fox News column this week urging Trump supporters not to be “hypocrites” and to accept that the president lost the election.

“It’s always easier to submit and to pray for someone when he was our preferred candidate,” Jeffress wrote. “But the rubber really meets the road when the person who takes office is not the one we supported. Here is our chance to show that Christians are not hypocrites.”

Trump has yet to concede the race and has even told his supporters to “fight” for him. Trump claims of voter fraud have also been rejected by every state.

“When Joe Biden becomes president, we should commend him for the things he does right,” Jeffress added. “We should condemn the things he does wrong. And above all, we must pray fervently for our president.”

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