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Matt Gaetz Punches Himself In The Face While Trying To Hit Adam Kinzinger



Adam Kinzinger and Matt Gaetz

Donald Trump crony Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was humiliated by fellow GOP congressman Adam Kinzinger for attempting to rile-up members of the Republican party against the Illinois lawmaker for supporting Rep. Liz Cheney, who was ousted from her leadership post on Wednesday.

Gaetz resurfaced a tweet from Kinzinger in February, when Republicans first tried to remove Ms. Cheney for voting to impeach Donald Trump for inciting the Capitol riot.

At the time, Kinzinger tweeted that Gaetz was “wrong, by like a huuuuuuge margin” for claiming there were enough votes to ouster Ms. Cheney, ahead of the first attempt by Trump allies. The Florida congressman also falsely alleged that “the establishment” would overturn the results of the first vote, in February.

Ahead of Wednesday’s vote, Gaetz resurfaced the tweet by the Illinois congressman and wrote: “Tweets that don’t age well”.

His tweet backfired when Kinzinger hit back by tweeting at Gaetz – who is facing a federal investigation for allegations of sexual trafficking and – “I’d stay away from ‘ageing well’ tweets.”

As expected other Twitter users piled up.