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Marthat McSally Faceplants During Debate When Asked If She’s Proud To Support Donald Trump



Sen. Martha McSally is trying hard to stop her down spiral as poll after poll shows that she is losing to her Democratic challenger, Mark Kelly, in Arizona’s 2020 U.S. Senate race. But the incumbent senator made things worse during a debate with Kelly this week.

Things went from bad to worse for McSally when she was repeatedly asked about her support for President Donald Trump and went out of her way to dodge the question.

“Are you proud of your support for President Trump? the debate moderator asked McSally, who responded by attacking Kelly.

McSally accused Kelly of promoting “the most radical agenda that we’ve seen,” insisting, “Candidate Kelly says that he’s an independent and a moderate — and lots of platitudes here. But the stakes could not be higher. If you want your tax cuts, I’m your girl. If you want the largest tax increase in history, you’ve got somebody else over here.”

The moderator, however, reiterated his question, saying, “Senator, the question was: are you proud of your support for President Trump” — and her evasive response was, “I’m proud to be fighting for Arizona every single day.” Then, the moderator repeated his question once again, and McSally continued to dodge it.

McSally trails Kelly by 11%, according to a newly released New York Times/Siena poll. A USA Today/Suffolk poll released three days earlier found Kelly with a 9% lead over the incumbent senator.