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Marjorie Taylor Greene Trashed For Bragging That She And Trump ‘Laughed And Laughed’ After CNN Town Hall



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is being mocked after bragging that she and former President Donald Trump “laughed and laughed” as she congratulated him for his performance on the CNN town hall Wednesday night, where he unloaded a torrent of false claims and attacked author E. Jean a day after she won her defamation and sexual abuse lawsuit against him.

On Thursday, Greene posted a photo of herself purportedly speaking with Trump about the widely criticized television broadcast.

“I enjoyed congratulating President Trump on his outstanding town hall and undefeated record against CNN,” Greene tweeted. “They had to air him telling the truth about how the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. We laughed and laughed.”

Twitter users were not impressed and were quick to respond.

“If it’s trashy and lies of course you do,” one user replied to Greene.

Others suggested her picture was staged, pointing out that her phone was off.

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