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Watch Biden’s Brilliant Response To Reporter’s Question About McCarthy’s Proposed Cuts



Joe Biden

President Joe Biden met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other congressional leaders at the White House on Tuesday to discuss spending cuts in upcoming budget talks with Republicans to avoid defaulting on the nation’s debt.

At the meeting, the president reportedly said he wanted the federal debt ceiling—the total amount of debt the United States is allowed to carry at any given point—to be raised without preconditions, a position he has held throughout the year.

The president and McCarthy have agreed to meet again on Friday to discuss the federal budget and averting a looming government default.

Following their Tuesday meeting, Biden told reporters that he was open to discussions about his spending policies. But the president questioned what the Republicans intend to cut in their plan, noting that their proposal does not contain specifics and only suggests an across-the-board reduction in spending.

“McCarthy said that he asked you numerous times if there was anywhere in our budget for cuts,” a reporter asked off camera. “Is there any room for negotiations?”

“What is he proposing? Did he tell you?” Biden shot back. “I’m not being fictitious. Did he tell you what he’s proposing?”

“He was talking about the bill,” the reporter replied.

Yeah, but what does he propose? Do you know? I’m not being a wise guy. You all are very, very informed people. Do you know what that Bill cuts?”

The reporter claimed that the bill has “a long list of things in it” without being specific.

“Does it say what it’s going to cut? Or does it generically say what it’s going to cut?” Biden told reporters. “You get the problem.”

Watch the exchange below.

Biden is correct. At this point in the dialogue, McCarthy hasn’t dug into specifics of what the Republicans intend to cut.