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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says People Should Ignore White Supremacists And Focus On Illegal Immigrants Instead



Marjorie Tayor Greene

Over the weekend, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) suggested that mass murders committed by white supremacists should not be the focus of attention, saying that people “should be more concerned about the illegal invasion at the border.”

Greene’s comments came during an interview on Real America’s Voice, where she lamented that white supremacists were under attack after a racist was accused of a mass shooting in a Black Buffalo neighborhood and argued that there should be more focus on minorities who carry out similar attacks.

“Jerry Nadler was on the House floor and he was talking about white supremacy and he was bringing up the terrible shooting that happened in [Buffalo] but totally ignoring the shooting that happened in California that I think involved an Asian man who was the shooter,” Greene said before pointing out that two Black men who were accused of attacking white people.

“These people are all guilty of these crimes and it’s not about race,” the Georgia Republican said. “It shouldn’t be about race. But they’re clearly racist as well.”

“So white supremacy shouldn’t be the main target,” Greene declared. “We should be more concerned about the illegal invasion at the border, the crime happening every single day on our streets, especially in cities like Chicago. We should go after criminals that break the law and not pursue people based on their skin color and how they vote. But that’s what the Democrats want to do.”

Watch the video below: