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Man Pulls Gun, Shoots At His Father For Bringing Home Wrong Chicken Wings Order



Utah chicken wing

A Utah man was arrested on attempted murder charges after allegedly firing a gun at his father because he brought home the wrong chicken wing order.

Police said that 31-year-old Alika Suliafu, of Davis County, became enraged over the wrong variety of chicken wings, retrieved a firearm and pointed the gun at his father. His father begged not to be shot. He then ducked as Suliafu allegedly pulled the trigger, ABC4 reported citing the charging documents.

The bullet missed the man, went through a wall into a neighboring apartment, and became lodged in the next-door neighbor’s dishwasher, ABC4 reported.

According to the arresting affidavit, Suliafu fired the gun twice more, while his father tried to wrestle him to the ground, police said, with both bullets hitting the ceiling. The father eventually grabbed the firearm and fled the apartment.

The Davis County Attorney’s Office has charged Suliafu with attempted murder and felony discharge of a firearm. He faces out to 20 years in prison.

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