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Maine Voters Are Sick Of Susan Collins And Can’t Wait To Vote Her Out: ‘I Won’t Be Duped Again’



Maine voters have had enough of Republican Senator Susan Collins and feel as if she let them down time and time again during the Trump presidency.

While Collins has been known as a moderate and was extremely popular when she won her fourth term in 2014, voters have seen a drastic change in her since Donald Trump became president.

According to Slate, Maine voters want Collins out after her reputation was exposed during the Trump years.

“I actually had this grain of hope that [Collins] would see all this information and hear all of this evidence and weigh all of these facts and come to the logical conclusion,” said Karin Leuthy, who researched Kavanaugh’s case history and helped compile a brief opposing his nomination. “And when she didn’t, I felt really duped, and ashamed that I had been duped. Since then, I am no longer naïve, and I won’t be duped again.”

Leuthy and other activists presented the brief to Collins, who accused them of taking “dark money and spreading “outright falsehoods” about the Trump nominee.

“It was so offensive,” Leuthy said. “She just threw a blanket over all of us that opposed the Kavanaugh confirmation and called us all an angry mob.”

For two weeks, Collins ignored voters who protested outside her office over the Kavanaugh confirmation. After she announced her support for the controversial judge, the local activists were angry.

“Our faces fell and tears came into our eyes,” said activist Melissa Berky, “and I felt like somebody had just taken a knife and stuck it into the women and dug it in.”

Her bitter memory of that speech hasn’t dimmed.

“One of our things we like to say is that women will never forget,” Berky said. “Women will never forget that vote and that betrayal.”

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